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Alpro Professional SOYA Milk 12 x 1ltr

Alpro Professional SOYA Milk 12 x 1ltr

Gluten Free Gluten Free
Suitable for Vegetarians Suitable for Vegetarians

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Alpro Professional is formulated specifically for use in coffee drinks. Excellent steaming and stretching properties, with a great creamy taste.

Alpro professional is not available in supermarkets, only through wholesalers like ourselves.

Suitable for use in coffee, iced coffee, smoothies and frappes.

£1.25 per litre, half the price of Bonsoy. 12 Litres in a case.

12 x 1ltr Soya Milk

5 Average Rating 5/5 (1 review)
5 stars Excellent product Written by
I will only buy a coffee if they use this soya milk. It is the closest texture to cows milk I have tasted and also tastes good in iced coffee. I really dislike the bitterness of other soya' s and the thin, watery texture. I also don't like the sweetened soya milk which affects the flavour of the coffee. This froths up nicely and complements coffee without adding that weird soya taste. 5 stars.

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