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Compostable Paper Cups

Compostable Paper Cups

Dear Customer

Over the past 6 months we have evaluated the significant rise in demand of compostable paper coffee cups, and decided that now is the right time to switch our current plain white paper cups, to compostable ones.

The good news is that our current paper cup supplier "International Paper" were one of the first paper cup manufacturers in the world to produce a compostable paper cup, the "Ecotainer", back in 2008.

Over the next month or so, we will swap all our plain white cups over to compostable ones. This will happen as and when we use our current manufactured stock. This is more than likely to be in the order of 8oz, 12oz, 4oz, 6oz, 16oz.

There will of course be a price increase due to this change, but due to our significant sales for these products, and our commitment to the range, we have managed to keep these increases extremely low. Each cup will be just 0.4p more (except the 4oz cups which are just 0.2p more)

All the cup sizes, boxes and packaging will remain the same, and you will be able to continue to use the same lids.

Just to confirm, as with our current plain white cups, the "Ecotainers" will be manufactured in the UK, using premium quality paper board created in the USA, from sustainable forests.

Ecotainer PLA Compostable sip lids will be available later this year, and we are currently trialling a revolutionary new compostable lid.

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Compostable 4oz Ecotainer White Paper Cups x 1000 (new)

Compostable 4oz Ecotainer White Paper Cups x 1000 (new)

4oz Ecotainer white paper espresso coffee cups. International Paper cups manufactured in USA. A case of 1000 cups...

£27.95+ VAT
Compostable 8oz Ecotainer White Paper Cups x 1000 (new)

Compostable 8oz Ecotainer White Paper Cups x 1000 (new)

8oz Ecotainer white paper coffee cups. Ideal size for single shot espresso based coffee drinks, cafe mocha and hot chocolate....

£36.95+ VAT