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OATLY BARISTA MILK              Dated 5th October

We have taken the decision to no longer stock Oatly Barista Milk. There have been a number of occasions now where stock has been unavailable for a considerable amount of time in the UK, and we feel that this issue will continue and even worsen over the next few months. As the Oatly Barista Milk is not distributed directly by Oatly in the UK, we do not have a direct link with them to get updates to the supply issues, which has only made the situation more difficult.

OATLY BARISTA MILK              Dated 28th September

There is currently no new stock of Oatly Barista milk in the UK. We have been informed that no new stock will be available for at least another week. When stock does arrive into the UK, we still don't know if we will be allocated any of it.

We recommend that if you can purchase stock anywhere else, to do so.